The Italian Cheese Organization connects Italian cheese makers with lovers and world professionals interested in discovering, tasting, purchasing, importing or serving Italian cheeses.

With hundreds of small Italian local producers, communities and food experts talking to the world with disorganized small voices or small e-commerce websites, the Italian Cheese Organization intends to provide an integrated global gate for the entire vertical sector to be discovered, appreciated and protected.

for Individuals, Visitors and Private Buyers.

From millenarian Sicily and Calabria, most extensive archaeological site of “Magna Grecia” in the Mediterranean, to Puglia with its Trulli of Alberobello, to Campania with Vesuvio and Mozzarella, to Lazio, to Tuscany and Umbria, where Saint Francis, Leonardo, the Medicis and many others consumed often cheese, to Emilia Romagna, land of Parmigiano or Parmesan as well as Ferrari and balsamic vinegar, to Lombardia, with its beautiful alps to taste cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Fontina, or Veneto and Friuli, with Padova, Verona, Venezia, Trieste, home of several wines, dishes and styles.

In your stay in Italy, the Italian Cheese Organization website allows to browse and easily discover the galaxy of local food and gastronomy tours available and offered directly by them, as well as a tool to purchase or import any cheese during or after your visit in Italy.

As a no-profit project that wishes to promote the discovery and appreciation of territories and people connected to the Italian dairy sector. We do not operate as tour agents as all experiences are provided and fully payable to them, while the Italian Cheese Organization project requires only to be member

Tours for individuals and families are dedicated to the discovery and tasting on Italian regional gourmet food while enjoying the beautiful natural environments with or without animals where cheeses and additional foods or drinks are produced

For families passionate of food and fun certain tours include milk-animal farms or seasonal food fairs

for International Wholesale buyers and Restaurants.

Finding all cheeses and paired foods in one place is a significant advantage for busy buyers who are looking for importing and servng top quality certified Italian specialties.
Contrary to the majority of online shops selling a small selection of diverse products, the Italian Cheese Organization is unique because it allows to discover and purchase any and all Italian cheesesorganized by type of milk, maturation and region.
Thanks to our database of Italian cheese-makers “caseifici” and our ability to provide dedicated support in your language throughout the purchase of Italian cheeses, the Italian Cheese Organization allows you to discover and imports specific Italian cheeses directly from producers.
Restaurant and department stores’ owners, importers and distributors gain direct access to an exclusive and complete catalog of authentic Italian cheeses and producers. Designed to support Italian cheese makers to connect to global wholesale buyers, the Italian Cheese Organization acts as an integrated international sales enhancement for producers with no extra costs for buyers

The Italian Cheese Organization enables you to find and purchase cheeses and paired foods, often inaccessible through traditional importers’ channels. With the Italian Cheese Organization, private and professionals can buy cheeses directly from producers, communicating with global personnel.

for Local Communities

Curiosity and appreciation derives from quality as well as from the ability to communicate to global audiences.
In order to support and allow global citizens to discover cheese makers, food experts and local communities, the Italian Cheese Organization provide multicultural communication, , global cultural and linguistic tools international web marketing, web-mastering, SEO, Client engagement and International GDO distribution development in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Russian or any other language upon request. Appealing to your potential customers in their native tongue enhances mutual trust and help establish long term buyer-seller relationships. .

for Italian Producers

• Global commercial reach with dedicated staff 
• Multilingual presence in regional search engines
• Active promotion of your brand, identity and products around the world
• International commercial support and communication to relate with international importers and restaurants
• Expert training and education programs to develop e-commerce and e-reputation 
• Web design and localization in several languages, including Chinese and Arabic
• Support on global marketing and business development
• Support a sustainable regional food identity protecting the quality of lives of Italian cheese makers

for Professional & Foreign Tourist Guides

Be with wine or with honey, Italian cheeses stand for exclusivity and top food around the world. Guides and food-related holiday operators are becoming more and more interested. The Italian Cheese Organization provide guides with personalized tools and courses to expand its opportunities

• International Web marketing
• Translations, Web-reputation & Social exposure
• Professionalizing courses for international guides to open new channels of tourism linking shopping, scenery and top food

for Schools and Universities

Valuing the importance of regional social, economic and environmental characteristics in the production, tasting and identity of food, the Italian Cheese Organization actively support the development of academic and professional courses devoted to italian dairy taste, economy and policy.

If you wish to present your candidacy for our e-internships programmes, please contact us