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In Italy there are more than a 800 cheeses, some of them dating back to the Romans, others eaten by Alexander the Great, Caesar, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Federico Fellini and many more. However, only 10% are known and consumed abroad. Sanitary regulations, logistics, local variations and clones certainly play a part, yet it is easy to see that it is hard for resident outside of Italy discover cheeses that they do not even know exist, let alone able to contact producers to ask for them.

The Italian Cheese Organization is a unique project intended to promotoe a better knowledge, discovery and appreciation of Italian dairies, their environments and people. The Italian Cheese Organization connects Italian cheese makers with lovers and world professionals interested in discovering, tasting, purchasing, importing or serving Italian cheeses. With hundreds of small Italian local producers, communities and food experts talking to the world with disorganized small voices or small e-commerce websites, the Italian Cheese Organization intends to provide an integrated global gate for the entire vertical sector to be discovered, appreciated and protected.

Committed to let the world discover, experience and enjoy Italian cheeses and its best producers, protecting the environment and history that made Italian food millenary famous

Success in promotion, protection and sales of Italian cheeses in global markets depends on knowledge and methods as much as linguistic and cultural preparedness as well as local ability and (e-) proximity for trading.

The Italian Cheese Organization believes that eco-sustainability and preservation of the environment constitute a fundamental aspect in the taste, quality and identity of cheeses and cheese-makers.

In order to increase the global awareness of Italian cheeses and cheese-makers, aspiring to protect their social, economical and environmental characteristics sustainably, the Italian Cheese Organization aims to provide support and solutions to:
- Italian cheese-makers willing to create or increase their presence in global markets
- International dairy importers and restaurants interested in discovering new exclusive and precious gourmet products to import or serve
- Individuals or families willing to discover methods of production of Italian cheeses and food products, while enjoying and exploring the environment and people around them.
- Professionals and graduates willing to acquire focused training with Masters, Certificates and individual online courses on Production, Trading, Legislation, Communication, Marketing, History, Tasting, Assessment and Presentation of Italian cheeses.
- Foreign Researchers and institutions willing to discover the Italian dairy making system, and their local communities


The Italian Cheese Organization is different from the moltitude of micro websites selling selections of products or food discoveries as We intend to provide a complete and structured global gate that embraces the entire Italian vertical dairy sector, attempting to enhance the identity and ability to communicate of local producers and excellencies who, in one way or another, are connected to the world of cheeses.

With passion the Italian Cheese Organization prepares members to trade globally by:
• Supporting local communities and gourmet producers in their effort to communicate to the world
• Supporting local food specialtyproducers in their effort to communicate to the world 
• Minimizing environmental and social impact
• Promoting sustainable production and respect of social environment

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