Belmonte Italian cow cheese made in Lombardy - Lombardia Region

Belmonte Italian cow cheese made in Lombardy - Lombardia Region

Belmonte is a soft cheese produced from pasteurized whole cow's milk, a native of Lombardy, but which today is produced throughout the year in Piedmont, Veneto and, to a limited extent, in other regions. In Lombardy, it is produced primarily in the Lodi and Crema Melzo. It is classified with an Italian name and all soft cheeses have similarities in their technological and product characteristics with the Bel Paese (Galbani name registered by the company).

The shape is cylindrical and the barefoot height is 7-8 cm with 20 cm diameter faces. The dough is soft, compact and dark sottocrosta from the center, and the color is white or pale yellow (the latter in the forms produced in the summer). It is without holes with a delicate, sweet taste followed by a slightly fruity aftertaste and tends to be described as acidic.

The crust is thin, elastic and smooth and is pale yellow with slight pink shades. It is available in two sizes: 2 kg and 900 g (can also be bought by weight). The whole milk with low acidity (feature ensures that you get the homogeneity of the dough at the center of the crust) is added to a centrifuge vine cleanser that purifies and is then pasteurized for 30 minutes at 72-74 degrees.


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