Best Cheese for Lasagne

This is a blog post about the best cheese for lasagne. I am here to tell you what type of cheese you should use when making this dish and why. Lasagne is one of those dishes that seems simple at first, but can be difficult if you are not using the right ingredients. This article breaks down some of the most popular types of cheeses, and gives you a few reasons why they might work better than others for your next dish!


Have you ever had a bad lasagne? I am willing to bet that you have. Too often, lasagne is undercooked or overcooked in the oven and this can be disastrous as it ruins an otherwise great dish! The other big way you can destroy that most tasty of dishes is to use sub-standard cheese. To avoid ruining your lasagnes and to make them taste as good or better than they do at any Italian restaurant, you need superior cheese.

Things to consider

The first thing to consider when choosing cheese for lasagne is the type of cheese.

The two types you need to think about are hard and soft cheeses:

Soft, creamy varieties such as ricotta or mozzarella work well for lasagne because they melt nicely in your mouth while providing a good texture with every bite; perfect when combined over pasta noodles that have been cooked al dante!

Hard cheeses don't work as well in lasagne because they can't be easily melted and will take longer to cook.

Some examples of hard cheeses are parmesan or cheddar, which have a harder texture that doesn’t work as well

Our top 5 best cheese for lasagne are:







Creamy and delicious melting cheese that always works well in lasagne. You can't go wrong with this one!


Delicate, fresh tasting ricottas are perfect for delicate noodles such as egg pasta or thin spaghetti when you want a lighter dish to be the star of your plate.


Rich and flavorful, romano is a great choice for lasagne made with spicy or chunky sauces.


This blue cheese has an aged flavor that's perfect when you need to add some depth of taste in your dish! It also pairs well over pasta with a wine-infused tomato sauce.


Not the best cheese for lasagne but still a favorite of many. Parmesan is often sprinkled on top or mixed in with your sauce to add that special flavor!

The best cheeses typically have: low moisture content so it melts well without getting greasy; high salt levels which makes the dish more flavorful overall with just one ingredient

What cheese on top of lasagne?

Gouda or provolone. Swiss cheese is a good choice too, but it tends to be very soft and have more moisture than the other two cheeses mentioned above so you'll want less of this one when adding on top!

Can I put cheddar in Lasagne?

No, cheddar is a hard cheese that will not melt well and you'll need to pre-shred it before adding.

Can I use cottage cheese in Lasagne?

No, cottage cheese is very wet and will not melt. You can mix in a small amount of ricotta for flavor if you want to use it though!

I hope this post helped by finding the best cheeses out there- we didn't forget any of your favorites!! Let us know what other things


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