Italian Cheese is the definitive guide to Italian cheese. We're on a mission to document all of Italy's small and large makers, providing you with the knowledge to find your next favourite cheese.

Italian Cheese is a blog and directory dedicated to the cheese producers of Italy. The site aims to demonstrate that there are many small-scale artisanal cheese makers in Italy who make top quality cheeses that are worth seeking out. It also features large producers too (after all good cheese is good cheese!).

Our Mission

Like all newcomers to italian cusine, we were awe-struck on how many different varieties there were.

Italian Cheese is a blog that celebrates the art of Italian cheese. It's all about small and large makers of Europes biggest cheese producing country. We aim to document every aspect, from the artisanal process to how it tastes in sandwiches and salads. You can find our reviews by reading our blogs or search for your favourite type of cheese.

Our mission is to help you find the best italian cheese!

Our Team

This site was founded by Adam Smith and Michael O'Hara who both became hooked on Italian cheese while living in Milan where they found themselves eating it every day. "There's a lot more variety than people realise," says Adam."I think so many people just end up with parmesan or mozzarella because they're easier to find but you can find anything".

Adam Smith

Senior Editor

Adam Smith is a husband, writer and lover of great wine, cheese and good conversation. He's never short of a story to tell. Michael holds a WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, which he received after serving as the buyer for a large independent grocery store in Kansas City for 12 years. He lives with his wife (who is one-half Canadian (she never lets him forget that!)) and their three sons (all American).

Michael O'Hara

Semi - Retired Chef / Full Time Dad

Michael O'Hara is a man of many talents. His degree in Food Science and decades of experience in the kitchen have given him an immense knowledge about cooking that he shares with others through this website. He loves nothing more than whipping together gourmet meals using what you have on hand - no matter how meagere!

Born and raised New Yorker, Michael has taken up residence on the outskirts of London with his wife, 2 kids, and 1 labrador.

Whether it's 7 Best Stretchy Cheeses for a Pizza or Top 7 Best Cheese for Ravioli, Michael will tell you how to use the right stuff.  

Contact us with your questions, and we'll try to help.  


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