Alto But 6 Months Italian Cow cheese made in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Alto But 6 Months Italian Cow cheese made in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Alto But 6 Months is a typical cheese ripening partially cooked meats ranging from 60 / to 180 days with bird's eye grain of rice or sweet and delicate, the work is handed down from piu'di 100 years old from dairies countries but the valley.

VECIO BUT HIGH CHEESE is the result of refinement of the cheese, selected and edited and maintained at room temperature. constant humidity, a year of seasoning is still semi-hard dough, tasty and delicious to the palate does bring out the strong flavors of hay and herbs typical of the valley but .. In 2 years you can define Stravecchio with hard cheese and compact high- digestibility also suitable for grating.

CACIOTTA VACCINE fresh and smoked soft cheese with no holes evident soft and creamy white soft and taste sweet pleasant for delicate palates. caciotta The smoked takes that pleasant and light smoky flavor that makes it different and Unique of its kind for connoisseurs and amateurs. STRACCHINO Called Stelutis as reminiscent of the white edelweiss is a fresh slightly sour flavor very delicate and soft spreads its texture meets in full the tastes of modern consumers very suitable for children and seniors .

RICOTTA FRESH This is a dairy product that is the ultimate piu'ricercato for its digestibility for the high nutritional value, and its low fat content, lends itself to many uses in the kitchen.

SMOKED CHEESE is the symbol of the products ancient flesh of smoked ricotta high but lends itself to being enjoyed as a cheese with a 6 / 7 days and 2 / 3 months of seasoning can be grated to enrich pasta and gnocchi with butter. The smoking is done with shavings of beech in a natural way.

BUTTER the top but is distinguished by its high quality of light straw color in the spring and summer when the cows eat fresh grass high in beta carotene, it becomes more white in winter when they feed on hay secco.ottimo spread on bread with our jams. salty cheese cheese meat products typical high but immersed in a saline solution aged 90 years and handed down from piu'di composed of cream milk Its intense aroma with strong taste with salt according to the bittersweet gradually typical processing makes it a unique cheese connoisseur.

THE DAIRY also produces other products such as mozzarella cheese (mozzarella) and yogurt. In addition, sales outlet, you can also find products typical of the flesh as: ciarsons, frico, biscuits, honey, jams and apple juice produced by us with local apples.


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