Bergkase Italian cow cheese made in Trentino Alto Adige

Bergkase Italian cow cheese made in Trentino Alto Adige

Ingredients: whole milk or partly skimmed milk (10% of creaming).

Processing technology: it brings in the milk after pasteurization at about 32 degrees, add yeast and selected bacteria as rennet powder. Coagulates in 30 minutes. After the curd is broken (in the size of a pea), it is cooked at 40 degrees (with steam for about 50 minutes). After these operations, the mass is extracted, laid on a table, cut and put into molds. Salting is done the next day, to bath in brine (16-18%) for two days. It matures in three and a half months in the environment at 17-18 degrees in the first three weeks, then at 13-14 degrees in high humidity, where the forms are turned over and scraped if necessary. Seasoning: up to 8 months in cooler temperatures of 8-10 degrees.

Characteristics of the finished product: height: 10 cm, diameter 40 cm, weight 10-12 kg; form: cylindrical crust: dark and solid; pasta with irregular, even large, pale yellow; fat: 45%; taste: sweet, milk.

Production area: high Pustertal, the municipalities of San Candido and Sesto. Calendar of production: all year round.

Notes: cheese is very local and has been produced recently (15 years)


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