Bianco-verde Italian cow cheese made in Trentino Alto Adige

Bianco-verde Italian cow cheese made in Trentino Alto Adige

Ingredients: whole milk.

Processing technology: it brings in the milk after pasteurization at 30 degrees, adding specific enzymes to direct inoculation, yeasts, molds and liquid calf rennet. After coagulation, the mass is put on a "spersoio" (a grooved and tilted rectangular table) for the separation of serum, then you have the molds. Salting is carried out in paste and then immediately dried after 12 hours and again within 14 days. It matures in 50 days in cold storage at 6 degrees and humidity of 90-95%. On the twelfth day, the forms are perforated on a plate, and after two days on the opposite (60 holes per pot). Yield 12%. Seasoning: you do not make.

Characteristics of the finished product: height: 15 cm, diameter: 28 cm; form: cylindrical, crust: soft, thin, greenish-white; dough: soft, creamy, fat: 45%; taste: sweet, blue-veined, not spicy.

Production area: Val Lagarina, the town of Rovereto. Calendar of production: all year round.

Notes: wants to be a local version of Gorgonzola. Production is very recent (two years) and has not yet completely passed the experimental stage. Biancospino


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