Bitto DOP

Bitto DOP Italian cow cheese made in Lombardia

Bitto DOP Italian cow cheese made in Lombardia

Bitto cheese is among the most prestigious Italian cheeses of Denomination of Origin Protetta.Viene It uses whole bovine milk, with a modest addition of goat's milk (about 10%) which helps to improve the texture of the dough and define the taste.

The milk, still warm from milking, is often worked directly in huts, in a copper. Salting is done through the distribution of dry salt at intervals of 2-3 days for about three weeks.

Can present two types of seasoning. An average, ranging from one to six months, and a long, lasting 1-3 years. The shapes are cylindrical with a diameter of 30-50 cm and a depth of 8-12 cm. The rind is thin and yellow in the forms and becomes darker. The paste is soft with small holes in the cheese that would be well accompanied by white wine. It tastes sweet and very delicate. Aging, the dough becomes hard and takes on a spicy and aromatic taste. It is an excellent table cheese but is also used as an ingredient in many high quality, local dishes. The forms are also used as aged cheese grattugia.Vini Suggested pairing: Valtellina Superiore Inferno Valtellina Superiore Sassella, Aglianico del Vulture.

Technical Information: Item Code: 356 Weight per piece: 10 kg Pieces per carton: 1 Storage Temperature: 6 degrees C Seasoning: At least 70 days Ingredients: Cow's milk Rennet Salt


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