Bitto extra

Bitto extra Italian mix cheese made in Credera di Rubbiano CR

Bitto extra Italian mix cheese made in Credera di Rubbiano CR

Ingredients: whole milk with the addition of goat's milk (about 10% of total) by race-alpine Brown or Red.

Processing technology: bring the milk to about 39-49 degrees, add the rennet (sometimes lamb) and stir vigorously. Coagulates in 20-40 minutes. After the curd is broken (variable size of grains of corn and rice), it is cooked to 45-53 degrees (with fire, for 20-60 minutes). After these operations, the mass is left to stand off the heat for 15 minutes, while stirring, before being put in shape. Total working time is between 90 and 180 minutes. Dry salting is carried out after two or three days for about 3-4 weeks with coarse salt. It matures in 15-20 days, in an environment that is at 12-15 degrees and 80-90%humidity with a slight wind; where the shapes, placed on wooden boards, are turned over and baked. Yield 13%. Additives: colorant from cheese. Seasoning: 3 months to 2 years, up to 10 years. During this period, the shapes are scraped and treated with drying oils. 8-10% yield.

Characteristics of the finished product: Height: 8-12 cm, diameter: 30-50 cm, weight 15-25 kg; form: cylindrical crust: soft and supple with a yellowish color. (Tends to darken and harden with time); dough: look, taste: slightly spicy.

Production area: Valtellina, particularly some valleys in the left Adda Morbegno (Sondrio). Calendar of production: all year round.

Notes: originally came only from the Valley of Bitto (uncertain etymology from the Celtic bituminous, perennial, or German Bett, also the river bed) with its 15 pastures. It is the main ingredient for polenta and taragna pizzoccheri. In 1970, the Consortium of Bitto was formed in Morbegno.


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