CacioRicotta caprina del Cilento

CacioRicotta caprina del Cilento cheese, Italian Goat cheese made in Campania

CacioRicotta caprina del Cilento cheese, Italian Goat cheese made in Campania

Combined geographical name: CILENTO Synonyms: Region: Campania Province / e: Salerno. Territory concerned with the production: Cilento. Brief description of product: long-cured goat's cheese (cured for more than 60 days) from locally produced raw milk. A cylindrical shape with a weight of 250-500g. Cheese is packaged in wrapping. 

Description of processing methods:

Ingredients - Local goat's milk, liquid rennet, salt. Processing stages: - Heat raw milk from morning milking until boiled. - Add liquid rennet. Coagulate and break the grain corn into whey. - Fill the molds (traditionally in wicker but plastic can be used). - The forms are then dried, salted and drained either in a covered air-seasoned grill in a ventilated room or in a covered area outdoors. Materials, equipment and premises used for the production: workshops and local, traditional containers and shelves of tinned copper or aluminum, wood working tools of willow and wild cane, veils of fabric for the seasoning, grilled wood or cane for seasoning. Observations on the traditional, the homogeneity of the spread and prolongation in time of production rules.

The product is widely known and recognized in the area is definitely transformed by at least 25 years, as proven by the evidence gathered in the area. Consistency of production method over 25 years: Source: Mapping of Typical and Traditional Products 2005 - Campania Region, Sector


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