CacioRicotta fresca (Lenolese)

CacioRicotta fresca (Lenolese) cheese, Italian Mix cheese made in Lazio

CacioRicotta fresca (Lenolese) cheese, Italian Mix cheese made in Lazio

Ingredients: milk from mountain goat, sheep, cow and buffalo, in the following percentages: 30-40% sheep's milk, fat 8%, 30% goat, fat 4%, 20% cow, fat 3.5 %, 15% buffalo, 8% fat. Power supply: 80% pasture, 20% stable.

Processing technology: pasteurized milk at 88 degrees is then cooled and brought to a temperature of 35-36 degrees. Pelleted rennet is added after. Coagulates in half an hour. After the first break, the curd will end up in large pieces. After these operations, the mass is dried and placed in forms. Salting is carried out in a very light paste. After an hour. it is ready for commercialization. Yield: 15%. Seasoning: you do not make.

Characteristics of the finished product: shape: fuscella, Hg up to 3.5-pound, round shapes, and from 1.5 mmHg to be sold by weight, fat 50%; taste: delicate.

Production area: Lenola (the milk is harvested areas of Frosinone, Lenola, Sgurgola and Amaseno). Calendar of production: all year round.

Notes: recently on the market. Is produced by the dairy cacioricotta Tullio Cheese Ltd based in Lenox. It differs from the traditional product as it is to be sold fresh rather than cured. The mixture of milk from goats, buffalow and cows also demonstrates a major difference.


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