Caciotta Amiatina

Caciotta Amiatina is an Italian cheese made with a mixture of milk and produced in Tuscany

Caciotta Amiatina is an Italian cheese made with a mixture of milk and produced in Tuscany

Ingredients: whole milk from cows and sheep (in percentages of 70% and 30% respectively) Food: Green fodder or hay from the production area.

Process technology: Bring the milk, which is already in the cheese and then pasteurized and lactic acid is added, to a temperature around 35-38 ° C. This coagulates in 20-25 minutes.s After the curd is broken (the size of a walnut) and most of the whey is left behind and then grated truffle is added, like a poultice, in a measure of about a pound by 50 kg of finished product, which is mixed with the curd. The resulting curd is placed in a special mold to drain the whey.

The solution of the serum is made by boiling it for a period of one hour at a temperature between 40 and 50 ° C. The cheese is salted in brine in a bath for 10 to 30 hours. Matures in 15-30 days, in an environment with a humidity of 80-90% at 8-12 ° C, where the forms are turned and washed. 
Yield 12-14%. Maturation: not done.

Finished product characteristics: Height: 8.5 cm, diameter: 15.8 cm, weight: 0.3 to 1.5 kg; 
Cylindrical. Bark: pale yellow in color, with darker spots. Paste: straw-colored, with dark spots. Fat: 48% Flavor: sweet aroma.

Production area: The territory of the Gubbio area.
Production time: In the fall, when the truffles are tender.

Note: This is a relatively recent production (60), created to give identity to the cheese of the area, with a local product of great value and reputation such as truffles. With the same technique, the cheese is packed with onions and other vegetables.


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