Caciotta calabra

Caciotta calabra cheese, Italian Mix cheese made in Calabria

Caciotta calabra cheese, Italian Mix cheese made in Calabria

Ingredients: whole milk and sheep's milk (in percentages of 70% and 30%). Power: green fodder or hay in the area of production.

Technology of preparation: the milk is pasteurized and lactic acid is added. Milk is brought to a temperature of 35-38 degrees, adding rennet. Coagulates in 20-25 minutes. After the curd is broken (in the size of a walnut), most of the serum is left and then the grated truffle is added, like a poultice, to a ratio of approximately one pound per 50 kg of finished product. This is then mixed with the curd. The resulting curd is placed in a special mold so that the whey can be drained.

The further clearing of the serum is made by stewing in crates for one hour at temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees. The cheese is salted in a brine bath for 10-30 hours. It matures in 15-30 days, in an environment with 80-90% humidity at 8-12 degrees. The forms are also turned over and washed here. Yield 12-14%. Seasoning: you do not make.

Characteristics of the finished product: Height: 5-8 cm, diameter: 8-15 cm, weight: 0.3 to 1.5 kg; form: cylindrical; crust: abbucciato slight, pale yellow with darker spots; dough: straw-colored with dark spots of Tarf minced fat: 48% Taste: sweet as is the aroma.

Production area: the territory of Gubbio area - qualdese. Calendar of production: in the autumn due to the truffles.

Note: this is a relatively recent production. It was created to characterize the local cheese with a local product of considerable value and reputation, the truffle. Packaged cheeses with onions or other vegetables use the same technique.

Type of RennetAnimal
Flavourmild or strong
Consistencysemi hard
Fat contentFat
Processing Temperaturesemi cooked
Dough Processing Texturestring
Temperature Treatment of milkPasteurized


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