Caciotta della sabina

Caciotta della sabina is an Italian cheese made and produced in Lazio

Caciotta della sabina is a Sheeps Milk cheese made and produced in Lazio

Product discovery areas: Poggio Mirteto (RI), Montopoli di Sabina (RI).
Production area: Poggio Mirteto (RI). Target market: local and the province of Rome.

Production time: throughout the year.

Product description: this cheese has a soft paste, cylindrical in shape. Weight: 2 to 4 kg.
Its interior is yellow (due to the spraying of potato starch) and pale gray on the outside.
Maturation: 20 - 30 days. Its flavor is sweet or slightly salty.
Traditional production process: It is used exclusively derived from sheep's milk from the pastures of Sabine. Materials used in local tradition: wooden boards for handling shapes and special places for curing and salting used in tradition, according to local historical preservation.

Traditional product history: Compiled from data found locally in the municipal archives and also by the historical presence of at least 25 years in local stores, in the banking market and local restaurants.
Organic: Yes. Source: Lazio Region - Typical and traditional products of Lazio - Quality Project in Agriculture.


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