Top 5 Cheeses for Spaghetti Bolognese

The perfect, go-to meal for any night of the week. With so many different varieties, it can be hard to figure out which cheese is best for spaghetti bolognese. In this blog post we are going to show you the top 5 cheeses that will make your favorite dish even better!

The best spaghetti bolognese recipes have a lot of different flavors in them, so it is no wonder that experts recommend using a variety cheese. Different types will add taste and texture to the sauce!

Here are some important factors when choosing which cheese best suits your spaghetti bolognese:

The type you want- hard or soft?

What kind do I already have in the fridge?

Do I want a sharper, more pungent flavor or something milder and less noticeable in the sauce?

What is my mood for this dish right now- feeling like spice tonight?, light on cheese because it's getting warmer out (or vice versa)?

And finally does your family prefer one type of hard/soft over another?

All these questions are specific to the individual, so the best way to answer them is by paying attention and getting a feel for what you like. And remember- if all else fails just go with your gut!

Here's our top 5 cheeses for spaghetti bolognese:





Bra Duro


A hard cheese that is very sharp. Great for a pasta dish when you're craving something with some bite to it, this one may be too strong if eaten on its own but perfect in spaghetti bobest cheese for spaghetti bolognese because of how rich the sauce already tastes and balances it out.


A hard cheese that is semi sharp and has a great flavor. This one's perfect if you're looking for something with some bite but not too much, or just want to experiment without being overbearing on your taste buds (which can happen when eating more "bitey" cheeses). The texture of this cheese is perfect for cooking with too, as it melts perfectly and doesn't dry out.


A semi soft cheese that has a mild flavor which is great if you're not sure what kind of cheeses to pick (and don’t want something overpowering). This one isn`t very sharp either so its the great on spaghetti bolognese, and we'll let it off for not being an italian cheese.


The perfect cheese for spaghetti bolognese. This one is mild, creamy and melts beautifully; it also has a slightly tangy flavor so its even better with some pepper or chili flakes added to the already flavorful sauce (which we'll be talking about in another blog post).

Bra Duro Cheese

This cheese (similar to Cheddar) is a little more sharp than mozzarella, but still has that creamy texture. It also melts well and again goes beautifully with the sauce making it another great choice for spaghetti bolognese (although less traditional).

Should you put milk in Bolognese?

There is a real movement who say adding milk to bolognese gives a bigger depth of flavor and a creamier texture.

We say - if you're adding milk, make sure it's whole or half-andhalf and not skimmed because the richness will really come through in your sauce! If this is too rich for some people (maybe even just gluten free folks) then using soy creamer would be an awesome alternative to add

What is Ragu vs Bolognese?

A lot of people use the two terms interchangeably. In Italy, however bolognese sauce is traditionally made with pancetta and not ground beef (although you can make it both ways) which lends a slightly different flavor to your dish than ragu does from Northern-Italy.. It's also thinner in texture since there isn't the ground beef in there.

Bolognese is traditionally made with milk (or cream), pancetta, white wine and garlic while ragu typically has tomatoes added to it too so that they can cook down into a sauce which gives your dish an entirely different flavor profile than the bolognease does because of how juicy tomato are!


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