Top 7 Best Cheese for Tortellini

Tortellini is a type of pasta that originated in Italy. The name tortellini means "little stuffed thing". It's typically filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables before they are boiled and then served in broth. Some popular ingredients to fill them with include spinach, ricotta cheese, nutmeg and Parmesan cheese.

Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta, sometimes also described as "navel shaped", hence their alternative name of "belly button".

The question I'm asking you now is what's the best cheese for your tortellini? . It talks about seven different cheese in-depth and discusses their pros and cons as well.


Have you ever had a bad tortellini? If so, it was probably because of the filling. The worst thing about tortellini is that if you don't have quality ingredients, your dish will be terrible. And with Cheese being one of the main ingredients in tortellinis, it's important to know how to select high-quality cheese for your pasta dish.

Things to consider

The first thing to consider when choosing cheese for tortellini is the flavor. If you are using a cream sauce, go for something more mild like mozzarella or ricotta. For a tomato sauce, try fontina or asiago. You should also take into account any other flavors in your dish and use that to influence your choice of cheese.  

All make excellent choices depending on the desired flavor profile. Whichever you choose to use, it's important to remember that the cheese should only fill approximately one third of the tortellini tube before it is sealed off with sheets of dough.

Our top 7 best cheese for tortellini

1. Ricotta

2. Fontina

3. Asiago

4. Gorgonzola

5. Provolone

6. Di Latte

7. Mozzerella


Ricotta makes a great filling for tortellini because it is so mild. When paired with other rich flavors like garlic or spinach, ricotta will take on that flavor as well making the dish more complex to taste and enjoy


Fontina is a semi-hard cheese that melts nicely and tastes great with tomatoes. Fontinas mild flavor works well to balance out the acidity of tomato sauces making it an excellent option for tortellini dishes.


Asiago is a hard cheese with a sharp, nutty flavor. It melts well and can be used in any dish that calls for Parmesan because the taste will likely mask Asiagos more powerful flavors which might overwhelm other ingredients like tomatoes or spinach if they are not balanced out by another ingredient such as cream sauce.


Gorgonzola is a type of blue cheese that has been aged and can be quite messy to work with. Luckily, it's also one the best cheeses for tortellini because its tangy taste will give your pasta an extra kick! It does come in as one of the more expensive choices though... so make sure you're ready before you ask for the price at the deli.


Provolone is a white cheese that's perfect if you're looking for something with more of an aroma to it. It pairs nicely when paired alongside mushrooms, onions and peppers because the flavor can be lost in other ingredients sometimes! Provolones are also salty just like cheddars so they make filling in tortellini easy.

Fiore Di Latte

A wild card and some may say almost identical to mozzerella . Fiore di Latte is one of the best stretchy cheese options for pizza because it will melt in your mouth and add a wonderful cheesy flavor to any dish. The difference between the 2 that Mozzerella is made of buffalo milk, where as Fiore Di Latte is made from cows milk.


The classic pizza topping that 's easy to find at any grocery store. It's got a stringy consistency which makes it great for pasta too.

Mozzarella is also best when paired with basil or garlic because they will complement each other well, giving your mouth all those wonderful flavors you're looking forward too as soon that hot cheese begins to stretch of the base of the pizza.

Does all tortellini have cheese?

No, tortellini can be made with meat, vegetables, fish,cheese or a combination of these ingredients.

What's the difference between tortellini and pierogies?

Pierogies are often filled with potatoes and other vegetables while tortellini can be made from a variety of ingredients. Pierogi dough is thicker than that used for making fresh pasta, but not usually as thick or heavy-duty to stand up on its own like dumpling wrappers.

Tips and Tricks

Don't chop. Dice. Or shred your cheese, the proper way to eat cheese is with pieces that are large and thick enough to hold in your hand. The larger the piece, the better its stretchability.

The best way to ensure that your cheese stretches nicely without drying out is NOT to freeze it.

In conclusion the best cheese to have inside your tortellini depends on your particular taste and what sauce you plan to serve with it.


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